Soft Skills That I Learned in my First Job

“I cannot figure out why this isn’t working!” I sat at my desk going through a frustrating piece of CSS code. As a fresh graduate from college, I wanted to impress my team with my abilities. When my manager asked me to fix a CSS bug, I hadn’t worked on CSS before, but I thought […]

So this coding thing… How do I start?

Disclaimer: I’m no expert in programming. I’m here to share my experience with programming, with the hope that this would help a few more beginners find their own path. Hi there, I’m Mingjie, and I’ve been working with CodeDay for almost three years! During the past three years of running events, mentoring students, and hearing […]

Finding Your Place in Technology with CodeDay Labs

This is a guest post written by Tim Van Cleave, a CodeDay Labs advanced-track mentor from SPS Commerce. Working in the software industry means being adaptable, resilient, and interested in expanding your own horizons. It also means finding out your passions, both from a technology perspective and how and where you work. Do you feel […]

Amplifying Underrepresented Voices as a CodeDay Labs Mentor

This is a guest post written by Caitlin Stanton, a CodeDay Labs beginner-track mentor from Cruise My first taste of the tech world was in high school through a required Introduction to Computer Science course. That entire semester I was bored and listless, not fully able to grasp the power of programming without concrete examples […]

What It’s Like to Run a Virtual Internship with CodeDay Labs

This is a guest post written by Omar Shehata, a software engineer at Cesium, who mentored a team of students for CodeDay Labs 2020. I’ve been volunteering with CodeDay’s various programs on and off for about 6 years. One thing that has kept me coming back is CodeDay’s genuine emphasis on levelling the playing field. […]

Virtual CodeDay Wraps Up for the Summer!

We just finished up virtual CodeDay for the summer. Our students made so many creative projects inspired by our theme, “Just Press that Button”! Once again, we were impressed with the students’ tenacity to build projects from scratch and accomplish goals with people they’ve never even met before!   By the Numbers:  We had 813 students […]

Staff Favorite Projects from CodeDay Labs 2020!

Students created hundreds of amazing projects during our summer internship program! While all the projects taught students new languages, techniques, and skills in the tech industry (frontend and backend development, api implementation, and language processing to name a few), there were projects that really stood out to us.  GotDadJoke Yanilda Peralta Ramos, Alyona Karmazin, and […]

Top Data Science Projects from CodeDay Labs 2020!

Our computer science and STEM student interns embarked on a journey into so many different areas of profession and areas of interest  in the tech industry from web development to AI! What is also exciting and worth the highlight are the data science projects. The projects helped students gain a deeper understanding of real-world data […]

Celebrate the end of summer by making something at Virtual CodeDay.

It’s almost time for students to (virtually) head back to school. Before they go, we’re inviting them to make something amazing at our end-of-summer Virtual CodeDay, August 17-28! Register now at The Theme: Just Push That Button How your interpret the theme is up to you. (Or if you want to interpret it at […]

Our CodeDay Labs Summer Internship Was A Success

We just wrapped up our annual virtual internship program, providing 300 CS students with industry mentors to take on real-world projects that were both challenging and career-focused. Half of internships were canceled this year due to COVID-19, and we were ecstatic to give students hands-on experience that tested the limit of their skills and broadened […]

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