Scalable Swag Shipments for Startups

As a nonprofit coding organization running physical events, a lot of what CodeDay does (in a normal year) requires sending things in the real-world. Broadly speaking, this includes event supplies to event teams, and swag/awards to community members and volunteers. In our early days, I was shipping merch from my office, and every quarter I’d […]

How and why to use Nomad for orchestration at your startup

Container orchestrators take Docker containers + configuration, and run them on servers. If you’re ok being locked to a single cloud provider, most of them have a service which handles this for you. At CodeDay, we need to run our own for a few reasons. In general, the cost is lower for our workloads. I’ve […]

CodeDay Program Will Give Laptops to Hundreds of Low-Income High School Students

CodeDay, a 24-hour programming event hosted seasonally in 50 cities, is giving hundreds of laptops to low-income students who attend this school year, starting with its November 9th events. Despite efforts to increase equality in computer science education, access to a computer is a big barrier for many students. Nearly one-third of schools serving low-income […]

Strong Codes of Conduct

I believe strongly in the technology industrys ability to make the world a better place. As anyone whos seen HBOs Silicon Valley knows, however, that sentiment doesnt often translate into practice. Right now, one of our biggest barriers is a lack of diversity in background. Youve likely heard plenty about how white and male the […]

A History of CodeDay (StudentRND), As Told By Files I Found On My Old Hard Drive

With CodeDay coming up in a week, I thought Id share my history with StudentRND/CodeDay. You can respond to posts on Medium, so it would be great to hear your stories, as well! 2009 Fun fact for people who refer to me as StudentRNDs original founder: Im totally not! I was barely even involved with […]

To Get an Internship in High School, Ignore Your Schools Rsum Advice

By my senior year of high school, I had created several successful open-source projects, won a few awards for coding, been featured in some local press, done some contract work, and even gotten an internship working on a platform for those customers who bought this item also like sections. Heres the rsum my high school […]

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