Summer is over, celebrate the fall with CodeDay!

Summer Highlights Find it hard to keep up with all the news this summer? Us too! Here’s a recap of what we’ve been up to! We launched our beginner-focused high school CodeDay events in 5 new countries: India (Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Nashik, Pune, Delhi, Nagpur) Singapore Malaysia (Penang) Ethopia (Bahir Dar) Ghana (Kumasi) The Sacramento […]

World Champion Awards, Summer 2022

After a week of judging and much deliberation, we’re thrilled to present our World Champion Awards for CodeDay Summer 2022. These awards represent the best-of-the-best of the 400+ projects made at CodeDays across the world! Most of them have demos or videos, so be sure to give them a try! Excellence Award: Defrost (CodeDay Pune) […]

Charlie Liu: Why I Organize CodeDay Atlanta

CodeDay provides a uniquely exciting environment where anyone, regardless of their background, can discover just how fun coding can be.

Lola Egherman: Why I Organize CodeDay

I am passionate about CodeDay and confident in its ability to engage students in ways no other event can due to my first-hand experience as one of those students myself.

Lynne Cure: Why I Organize CodeDay Baltimore

Opportunities for middle and high school students to participate in computer science events are remarkably limited in the Baltimore area. Throughout organizing CodeDay, I was made keenly aware of how effective CodeDay could be in engaging students, especially beginners.

Joseph Attah: Why I Organize CodeDay Kumasi

I thought it would be nice to have a community and event like CodeDay in my city where people came together to help each other learn and make stuff while having fun.

CodeMeta-Verse-NFT-7G-Crypto-MR-Blockchain-Token (CMVNFT7GCVRBT)

The hard-working engineers at CodeDay have been hard at work over the last year working on the newest advancement in web technologies: CMVNFT7GCVRBT. Today, CodeDay brings us to Web 4.1. That’s right: 4.1.  That’s an entire 2.1 Webs higher than the miserable Web 2.0 find ourselves in today. Our new technology-platform-software-as-a-service-subscription-direct-to-consumer-token (TPSAASSDTCT) will revolutionize the […]

Building a Successful Resume for CS Students

Like it or not, when it comes to deciding which students to interview, most companies are still looking at just one thing: resumes! Unfortunately, a lot of resume advice is outdated, and many templates are designed for people with years of professional experience. This post will focus on how to move beyond the standard advice […]

Wrap Up: Virtual CodeDay Spring 2021

Junes CodeDay was awesome — heres how it went! Over 500 students came together and worked on nearly 100 different projects in just 48 short hours. Every CodeDay, we are blown away and amazed at the level of creativity, technical skill, and dedication present in students projects, and this season was no different! Students made […]

Virtual CodeDay is Back + New Digi-Key Electronics Kits!

Are you ready for the next Virtual CodeDay on June 11-13 (taking place after AP exams!)? The previous Virtual CodeDay in February was a huge success! You may recall that Digi-Key, the electronics component supplier, gave some participants free electronic Grove Beginner Kits last CodeDay. And…surpriseDigi-Key is back with more kits! To help students learn […]

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