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World Champion Awards, Summer 2022

Tyler Menezes, Executive Director and Board Member

After a week of judging and much deliberation, we’re thrilled to present our World Champion Awards for CodeDay Summer 2022.

These awards represent the best-of-the-best of the 400+ projects made at CodeDays across the world! Most of them have demos or videos, so be sure to give them a try!

Excellence Award: Defrost (CodeDay Pune)

By Kanak Patil, R.M., Tanush B., and Thiraya S.

Dodge fiery obstacles with your ‘ice cube avatar’ before it melts! The Water platform heals you while the Lava melts you. Magma means instant destruction!

This award recognizes the team which best combined creativity and code, and we’re happy to present it to this fun new take on an infinite-platformer game, with all-original art and music.

Watch a video or try it yourself on their CodeDay Showcase page!

Art Award: Element Adventure (CodeDay Dallas)

By: Corbin and Tarunesh S.

A puzzle game with a theme of fire and water.

With beautiful game covers and characters which were created in just 24 hours, we’re proud to present the award for best art in the world to this beginner team from CodeDay Dallas!

Learn more on their Showcase page!

Music Award: Lad’s Adventure (CodeDay Seattle)

By: Aditya Singh, Arjun Harsha, Gagan S., Bhanu A., Suraj S.

We are creating a retro-adventure video game. The name of the game is Lad’s Adventure, where the main character, Lad, must travel through a forest, an ice biome, and finally a lava biome (fitting the theme) to defeat the powerful dragon.

This team from CodeDay Seattle not only created a full game with some custom art, they also wrote an entire sound-track in just 24 hours. You won’t regret giving it a listen, our judges certainly didn’t!

Watch their demo video on Showcase.

Writing Award: If monsters were real (CodeDay Penang)

By: Yuen Jo Lim

I was a freak…zombies,monsters..anything not related to mankind was my favourite. But one day, the ‘game’ appeared on earth.

As the world rumble and crashes, an AI told you that this is a game called ‘Doomsday’.
Because your love for monsters are too strong, the fear using to declare your basic skills and variables have been corrupted , and now you’re a ‘bug’ in the game which basically get the rarest item drop from every monster you kill.

But are you going to do so? Or… could you survive?

Although this game was created in a couple weeks rather than solely at CodeDay, we were still excited to see more CodeDay participants working on games with detailed stories.

Learn more on their Showcase page.

Creative Concept: Frozen Flames (CodeDay Atlanta)

By: Anthony H. and C.S.

Frozen Flames is a teamwork maze game where the 2 characters need to utilize their abilities in order to progress through the maze. The fire character has the ability to melt frozen obstacles, while the ice character has the ability to create new passages across unpassable areas.

Our judges were impressed by this two-player, turn-based game where two players collaborate to solve puzzles, with each player having a unique ability. (Not only did this team of total beginners pick a difficult project for their first time coding, but they also drew all their own art!)

Read more on their Showcase Page. (If you give the linked demo a try, use WASD and arrow keys to move the two characters in turn!)

Staff Pick: Whack (CodeDay Seattle)

By: Pranav and Ishan

Whack a Mole but over SSH and multiplayer 🙂

Not only were we impressed with how this more-advanced team pushed themselves to learn a new technology, but they also created a game that’s so much fun, we hope to use it at a future CodeDay gaming tournament! It’s a ton of fun!

Download the source from their Showcase page.

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