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World Champion Awards, Fall 2022

Tyler Menezes, Executive Director and Board Member

With hundreds of projects created at CodeDay Fall, deciding on the best projects in the world was quite the challenge for our judges. After reviewing all the amazing creations, we’re thrilled to announce our World Champion Awards for Fall 2022:

Excellence Award: GamesCult (CodeDay Delhi)

By Akshay and Narayan

In this project we have made some fun games for everyone using scratch software and we have listed all our games on a website that we have made using replit , we learnt most of the things from codeday and event some educational video’s , we gave our best to make our projects , it was the first time we did coding and it was fun for us , we hope you all will love our projects….

CodeDay is about pushing yourself to try something new, and this team of beginners best represented that spirit by creating not just an app or a game, but three games and a website! Wow!

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Creative Concept: Time Cube (CodeDay Kansas City)

By Zander Holdsworth

You are a cube that can time travel!
Use your power of time travel to get to the end of the level.

Play as a cube traveling between the past and future in this unique puzzle-platformer. We were impressed by the unique level designs requiring creative puzzle-solving.

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Art: Kassie (CodeDay Atlanta)

By JM and Kayli

Our project was to create a foundation of templates for a portfolio generator. The examples below are the neutral and pastel templates that we created.

Beyond just having a fun and unique idea — character stat cards for artists — we were impressed by this team’s dedication to improve their skills: they learned to use Figma over the course of the weekend. And of course the end result looks great!

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3D Modeling: Timebloop (CodeDay Kansas City)

By Elvin B, Arvindh, Anthony P, Nick, Wyatt P, and Zachary B

You place a character who is sent back in time on a mission to find other types of dinos! In the first level, you will find a dino called a lava dino! This dinosaur is born in the fiery depths of a volcano. This dinosaur spots us and is immediately intrigued in protecting its home causing it to chase it. As we are defenseless, we need to find a weapon.

This team created about a dozen models in Blender in this game about traveling through time and finding dinos.

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Music: Time Elevator (CodeDay Kansas City)


The game is based on a elevator that can being you to the future and past

Our judges loved this game’s stripped-down soundtrack (and creative trailer!)

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Writing: The Capybara (CodeDay Kansas City)

By Don D, Jacob, Joshua Lee, Efren T, and CP

It is a story game

We love a good text adventure, and this team from CodeDay Kansas City created a great one, which even included some art and music!

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Special Recognition

We’re also recognizing two more projects with World Champion Awards:

  • The Spartans, by Akshayraj, Aniruddh Chaturvedi, Ankit, and Arpan at CodeDay Hyderabad, for creating a fun game with original artwork
  • codecrack, by Aditya Kapse at CodeDay Nagpur, for creating a very polished product entirely on a mobile phone

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