Stories From CodeDay  ·  August 22, 2022

Lola Egherman: Why I Organize CodeDay

Lola Egherman, VP, Programs & Engineering

My first experience with computer science started with my parents forcing me to go to a Scratch workshop at my local library when I was six. At first, I really didn’t want to go, even saying “that sounds stupid” – a quote both my parents frequently remind me of to this day.

My tune quickly changed once the workshop started. I caught on fast, and before I knew it the workshop was over, and my parents nearly had to drag me out of the room. “Just 5 more minutes” – a phrase they would get very familiar with whenever I was programming.

Fast forward a few years to 2014, and a family friend told my parents about a programming event called CodeDay. I registered, along with several friends, and did my best to contain my excitement waiting for the weekend. Once the event started, we immediately got to work on our project – a clone of the fighting game Injustice. (Our project, Injeapordy, can still be played today)

From that moment forward, CodeDay became a key component of my life, even regularly driving the 4 hours to Minneapolis (desktop computer in tow) whenever there wasn’t an event locally.

Nowadays, I work for CodeDay as Program Manager, doing everything I can to keep our events awesome and fun – including developing the open-source software that powers CodeDay. I am honored I have been able to make the impact I have, exciting thousands of new students about computer science.

I am passionate about CodeDay and confident in its ability to engage students in ways no other event can, in part due to my first-hand experience as one of those students myself. If it wasn’t for CodeDay, I would not be anywhere near where I am today, and I know that is a feeling shared by tens of thousands of students across the globe.

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