CodeMeta-Verse-NFT-7G-Crypto-MR-Blockchain-Token (CMVNFT7GCVRBT)

The hard-working engineers at CodeDay have been hard at work over the last year working on the newest advancement in web technologies: CMVNFT7GCVRBT. Today, CodeDay brings us to Web 4.1. That’s right: 4.1.  That’s an entire 2.1 Webs higher than the miserable Web 2.0 find ourselves in today. Our new technology-platform-software-as-a-service-subscription-direct-to-consumer-token (TPSAASSDTCT) will revolutionize the […]

Building a Successful Resume for CS Students

Like it or not, when it comes to deciding which students to interview, most companies are still looking at just one thing: resumes! Unfortunately, a lot of resume advice is outdated, and many templates are designed for people with years of professional experience. This post will focus on how to move beyond the standard advice […]

Wrap Up: Virtual CodeDay Spring 2021

Junes CodeDay was awesome — heres how it went! Over 500 students came together and worked on nearly 100 different projects in just 48 short hours. Every CodeDay, we are blown away and amazed at the level of creativity, technical skill, and dedication present in students projects, and this season was no different! Students made […]

Virtual CodeDay is Back + New Digi-Key Electronics Kits!

Are you ready for the next Virtual CodeDay on June 11-13 (taking place after AP exams!)? The previous Virtual CodeDay in February was a huge success! You may recall that Digi-Key, the electronics component supplier, gave some participants free electronic Grove Beginner Kits last CodeDay. And…surpriseDigi-Key is back with more kits! To help students learn […]

(April Fools 2021)Plankton Sized Changes to CodeDay

Hi everyone, It is with a heavy heart that I would like to announce the retirement of the CodeDay Executive Director, Tyler Menezes. Tyler has been instrumental in everything from the early days of CodeDay up until current day to day operations, and over the last seven years, has helped introduce computer science to thousands […]

What happened at Virtual CodeDay Winter 2021?

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who was a part of Virtual CodeDay this February 26-28. It was a wonderful experience to see thousands of students from 25+ countries come together to have fun, learn to code, and submit more than 130 projects. This was not only one of the best Virtual CodeDays […]

CodeDay Labs: What’s new for 2021?

Applications for CodeDay Labs 2021 are officially open! We’ve made a number of changes from last year’s highly successful program that I’d like to share with you today. Whether you’re a returning mentor, or a student who didn’t get in last year who’s considering re-applying, get ready for an excellent summer! Bootcamp + Polish Weeks […]

Digi-Key Provides Free Electronic Kits to CodeDay Students

Since CodeDay started in 2009, we’ve been able to help 56,000+ students find their place in tech at 480+ events all over the world. Many amazing partners help us make our events better, and today I’m excited to announce a new partnership for the upcoming Virtual CodeDay. Digi-Key is the place to go for anything […]

The Tech Stack Powering Our CS Education Nonprofit

The software-for-nonprofits industry is far from a billion-dollar market, so most of what’s out there is pretty outdated and bad. Most nonprofits make up for it with lots of manual work. I have a background in technology as the former founder of a Y Combinator backed startup, so when I started working at CodeDay, one […]

Virtual CodeDay – What to Expect

CodeDay is a free weekend-long event for you to build your own tech project, like an app or game, with no programming experience required! We have a CodeDay coming up on December 4th, and I thought it would be good to make this post so everyone knows what to expect 🙂  The first part of […]

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