Community Update  ·  April 01, 2022

CodeMeta-Verse-NFT-7G-Crypto-MR-Blockchain-Token (CMVNFT7GCVRBT)

Andrew Schmitz, Head of Metaverse and Blockchain

The hard-working engineers at CodeDay have been hard at work over the last year working on the newest advancement in web technologies: CMVNFT7GCVRBT. Today, CodeDay brings us to Web 4.1. That’s right: 4.1.  That’s an entire 2.1 Webs higher than the miserable Web 2.0 find ourselves in today. Our new technology-platform-software-as-a-service-subscription-direct-to-consumer-token (TPSAASSDTCT) will revolutionize the web as you know it. 

CodeMetaVerse-N.F.T.-7G-Cypto-VR-Blockchain-Token is the newest advancement in blockchain technology. CMVNFT7GCMRBT allows you to generate decentralized web applications, remove ads from a web page or application, serve cryptocurrency to your visitors in real-time, and much more! Our developer tools allow users to build their own blockchain within minutes, allowing them to create their very own cryptocurrency and tokens within seconds!

The Internet today is called Web 2.0. This term was coined to describe technologies that have changed the way we interact online, including social media and the ability to publish directly to the web (like with WordPress). Our dream is to bring humanity into Web 4.1 by using blockchain technology and continued advances in computing power like quantum systems.

CodeDay engineers have been working around the clock to bring you an entirely new technology platform that will revolutionize your internet experience. CodeMetaVerseN.F.T.7G.Cypto.VR.BlockchainToken (CMVNFT7GCVRBT, or CMVNFT7GCVRBT for short) is a powerhouse of the new web technologies that has been growing in popularity over the last year and is finally available for public use, now maturing Web4.1 (4.1 stands for 4-point-one Webs better than Web2!).

CodeMetaVerse-N.F.T.-7G-Cypto-MR-Blockchain-Token provides the technology platform that allows organizations to flex and flow like coders do: We offer everything you need to build a high-performance, flexible, and scalable solution that is ready to be easily customized by your team. If you’re interested in joining us on our mission to solve the world’s biggest problems with CMVNFT7G…then allow us to show you why we believe that CodeMetaVerse has what it takes!

CodeMetaVerse-N.F.T.-7G-Cypto-MR-Blockchain-Token is a revolution in TPSAASSDTCT (Technology-Platform-Software-as-a-Service-Subscription-Direct-to-Consumer-Token) technology and is made for the modern software engineer. With this next-generation blockchain technology, you will be able to add dynamic and interactive features to your existing applications and RESTful APIs, as well as enable any arbitrary data to be stored transparently in CMVNFT7GCRBT storage Layer of your choosing (s3, swift, etc.). Affix this token to all forms of web content, from HTML pages to JSON RESTful APIs.

CodeMetaVerse-N.F.T.-7G-Cypto-MR-Blockchain-Token is a revolutionary advancement in web technologies. CodeDay, a global software company, has worked tirelessly to make this technology available to web users, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring it to you today. The CMVNFT7GCMRBT platform is an innovative way for companies to communicate with consumers directly, meaning that your company will be able to talk with your customers on our social media platform about new products, updates, merchandise, and anything else you can think of.

Now for those of you wondering how the CMVNFT7GCMRBT technology-platform-software-as-a-service-subscription-direct-to-consumer-token  will help us make progress toward our mission of providing diverse opportunities for under-served students, don’t worry. That will be covered when we make to transition to Web 9.1. Until then, have a great April Fools!

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