Community Update  ·  November 11, 2020

Virtual CodeDay – What to Expect

Lola Egherman, VP, Programs & Engineering

CodeDay is a free weekend-long event for you to build your own tech project, like an app or game, with no programming experience required!

We have a CodeDay coming up on December 4th, and I thought it would be good to make this post so everyone knows what to expect 🙂 

The first part of CodeDay is when you pitch your ideas to everyone else and form teams. This is one of my favorite parts of CodeDay, because it is the easiest time to meet new people and make friends! Once you find a few other people who want to work on the same project as you, its time to formally create your team. After doing this, you may be assigned to a mentor – an industry professional from leading tech companies (Such as Uber, State Farm, LexisNexis Risk Solutions, and Splunk) Your mentor will help guide you over the course of the weekend, and they will schedule multiple meetings with you to help you as you work on your project. This way, you can learn as much as possible as well as make a valuable connection with someone in the field!

If you need a boost to get started, you can attend workshops to learn a new skill, such as Python, Javascript, or Machine Learning. We also have workshops on more broad topics too, like how to get started with 3D printing and how to get a job in programming straight out of high school/college. Keep an eye out for when we publish the full schedule to see everything fun we have planned!

If you need coding help, our volunteers and community members are eager to share their knowledge with you! Just post a message in #help-desk describing your problem, and we will help you troubleshoot. Its very likely that someone has experience using the language (or sometimes even library) you are having trouble with, and they can guide you through solving your problem.

To break things up from constant work on your project, we host fun events like our CodeCup cybersecurity challenge and a global gaming tournament. These events all have physical prizes we ship to you if you win, so make sure to participate!

Our next Virtual CodeDay is on the weekend of December 4th, and you can register here (its free). Hope to see you there!

A student uses a graphics tablet to work on character art at a CodeDay

Invite A New Coder, Get a T-Shirt

CodeDay is the most beginner friendly event on the internet. (And in real-life, too!) We love seeing people who are new to coding discover the creativity and build something amazing.

Bring a friend whos new to programming to this Virtual CodeDay and well send you a t-shirt! (Just fill out this form once they register, well send the shirt out after CodeDay so long as your friend participated)

They have to be totally new to coding, though. But how can someone new to programming contribute?

  • Come to our intro workshop and make your first game in 45min!
  • Write a video game soundtrack for one of the games.
  • Design the UX for an app.
  • Do the voice-acting for game characters. (Or write the dialog and story!)
  • Make the art for a game or app.

Register for Virtual CodeDay at

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