Community Update  ·  May 05, 2021

Virtual CodeDay is Back + New Digi-Key Electronics Kits!

Elizabeth Qiu, Volunteer

Are you ready for the next Virtual CodeDay on June 11-13 (taking place after AP exams!)?

The previous Virtual CodeDay in February was a huge success! You may recall that Digi-Key, the electronics component supplier, gave some participants free electronic Grove Beginner Kits last CodeDay. And…surpriseDigi-Key is back with more kits!

To help students learn to make amazing electronics projects, Digi-Key is partnering with CodeDay to give away the following kits — just apply when you register for Virtual CodeDay. They’re totally free of charge, and yours to keep!

  • For electronics NEW-COMERS: The first 100 people to apply with will receive a Grove Beginner Kit, which contains everything you need to make your first electronics project.
  • For RETURNING electronics participants: If you got a Grove Beginner kit last time, you’re now eligible to request up to $25 in specialty add-on Grove components from Digi-Key to make your existing project better than ever, or build something completely new!

Don’t worry about knowing how to use your kit, we’ll have workshops and other resources to get you started!

To apply, register for Virtual CodeDay, and select “yes” when asked if you want to apply for a kit. If you registered before we announced this program, just email us at

I’m new to electronics. What sorts of projects can I make?

Glad you asked! Your kit comes with sensors for things like detecting light levels or sound, buttons and knobs, and an OLED display! Full details can be found here

For example, one participant made Pocket Frog, a virtual pet who responds to the environment:

Another participant made a game, named Red Planet Blue Planet, simulating Mars Rover Perseverance’s journey:

I already have a Grove Kit. What modules can I request?

You can request up to $25 total from the following list. (As part of your application you’ll need to propose a project that makes use of what you request.)

Motion Sensor (More Info | Digi-Key)
Grove PIR Motion Sensor
Motor Driver (More Info | Digi-Key)
Grove Mini I2C Motor Driver
Heart Rate Sensor (More Info | Digi-Key)
Grove Finger-clip Heart Rate Sensor with shell
Ultraviolet Light Sensor (More Info | Digi-Key)
Grove UV Sensor
RFID Reader (More Info | Digi-Key)
Note: Students who request this module will also be sent a compatible RFID tag
Grove RFID Reader
Hall Sensor (Detects Magnetic Fields) (More Info | Digi-Key)
Grove Hall Sensor
Vibration Sensor (More Info | Digi-Key)
Grove Piezo Vibration Sensor
Speech Recognizer (More Info | Digi-Key)
Grove Speech Recognizer
NFC Tag (More Info | Digi-Key)
Grove NFC Tag
EMG (Muscle activity) Detector (More Info | Digi-Key)
Grove EMG Detector
GPS (More Info | Digi-Key)
Grove GPS Module
Water Sensor (More Info | Digi-Key)
Grove Water Sensor
Protoshield (More Info | Digi-Key)
Grove Protoshield
I2C Hub (More Info | Digi-Key)
Grove I2C Hub
Breadboard (More Info | Digi-Key)
Grove Breadboard
Magnetic Switch (More Info | Digi-Key)
Grove Magnetic Switch
Infrared Temperature Sensor (More Info | Digi-Key)
Grove Infrared Temperature Sensor
Dual Alphanumeric Display (Red) (More Info | Digi-Key)
Grove Red Dual Alphanumeric Display
RGB LED Stick (More Info | Digi-Key)
Grove RGB LED Stick
RGB LED Ring (More Info | Digi-Key)
Grove RGB LED Ring
3-Color E-ink display (Red, Black, White) (More Info | Digi-Key)
Grove 3-Color E-ink display
RGB LED Matrix (More Info | Digi-Key)
Grove RGB LED Matrix
Electromagnet (More Info | Digi-Key)
Grove Electromagnet

What is the deadline for applying for an electronics kit?

To account for the time it takes to process and ship the electronics kits, the latest we’ll accept applications for electronics kits is Monday, May 24th at noon PST – but keep in mind they are first-come-first-serve, so apply as soon as you can for the best chance!

How will I know if I will be sent an electronics kit?

We’ll reach out to you by email to confirm shipping details and that you are still interested – please keep an eye out for an email from in your inbox!

I didn’t get an electronics kit. Can I still work on a hardware project at CodeDay?

Of course! Like at any other CodeDay, you can work on anything you want, including a hardware project! If you want (and can afford it) you could even order a grove kit and add-on components of your own from Digi-Key.

I missed out on getting an electronics kit this season :/ will there ever be more available?

While we can’t say for sure whether or not something like this will happen again in the future, we have been thrilled with the success of this program and will continue doing everything we can to keep being able to provide opportunities like this in the future – if you’d like to be notified about it, click here to subscribe to our email list!

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