Community Update  ·  August 10, 2020

Celebrate the end of summer by making something at Virtual CodeDay.

Tyler Menezes, Executive Director and Board Member

It’s almost time for students to (virtually) head back to school. Before they go, we’re inviting them to make something amazing at our end-of-summer Virtual CodeDay, August 17-28!

Register now at

The Theme: Just Push That Button

Just Push That Button

How your interpret the theme is up to you. (Or if you want to interpret it at all. It’s optional.) Here are some ideas:

  • A game about pressing a very important button.
  • A one-button food ordering app. Hungry? Just press that button, and pizza is on its way.
  • A Mario Party style series of minigames, with simple controls. The catch? The keys switch every 10 seconds. Just press… which button?

Invite A New Coder, Get a T-Shirt

CodeDay is the most beginner friendly event on the internet. (And in real-life, too!) We love seeing people who are new to coding discover the creativity and build something amazing.

Since school’s out, it’s hard for us to reach new coders… without our community’s help. Bring a friend who’s new to programming to this Virtual CodeDay and we’ll send you a t-shirt! (Just send us a message.)

They have to be totally new to coding, though. How can someone new to programming contribute?

  • Come to our intro workshop and make your first game in 45min!
  • Write a video game soundtrack for one of the games.
  • Design the UX for an app.
  • Do the voice-acting for game characters. (Or write the dialog and story!)
  • Make the art for a game or app.

Regsiter for Virtual CodeDay at

Have Fun and Learn Something New!

Get Help From Mentors

Virtual CodeDay is about trying something new, whether that’s a new programming language, a new framework, or just… being new to programming.

We’ll reward ambitious projects with ongoing tech help in the #help-desk channel, and the ability to meet with a mentor in week 2.


This CodeDay we’re hosting Robot Rumble, a new coding challenge where you write code for virtual robots, and then send them into battle to fight other robots to the death. It’s like low-rez battle bots.

That’s in addition to other fun activities you’ve come to know and love, like the CodeCup cybersecurity challege (presented by Splunk) and a gaming tournament!

Online Workshops

  • When Websites Talk Back
  • Workshop’); DROP TABLE codeday;–
  • Get IP banned by websites with this one easy trick!
  • Blockchain 101
  • Code Golfing
  • Quick & Easy Home Automation
  • … and many more!

See the full schedule at (Talks are still being added every day!)

We’re excited to see what you build.

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