Charlie Liu: Why I Organize CodeDay Atlanta

CodeDay provides a uniquely exciting environment where anyone, regardless of their background, can discover just how fun coding can be.

Lola Egherman: Why I Organize CodeDay

I am passionate about CodeDay and confident in its ability to engage students in ways no other event can due to my first-hand experience as one of those students myself.

Lynne Cure: Why I Organize CodeDay Baltimore

Opportunities for middle and high school students to participate in computer science events are remarkably limited in the Baltimore area. Throughout organizing CodeDay, I was made keenly aware of how effective CodeDay could be in engaging students, especially beginners.

Joseph Attah: Why I Organize CodeDay Kumasi

I thought it would be nice to have a community and event like CodeDay in my city where people came together to help each other learn and make stuff while having fun.

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